Massachusetts Bay Company

Protection from the elements


We can install just about any product you wish.  Our experience with so many different materials and manufacturers can save you money and heartache.  The manufacturers' reps are easy to reach, if needed, for custom orders.  New installs are backed by our Transferrable Lifetime Warranty.  Your project will be done correctly and is guaranteed for the life of the material.   We work closely with some of the best small design/build firms in the Greater Dayton area, so if your project warrants additional help, it is available.


We successfully repair properties, using the right product for the particular application.  Our Autozone account keeps us busy travelling to sites around Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, photographing problems, making repairs and documenting them. 

Removing Snow

During inclement weather our snowplows are in the storms.  If you are concerned about your property, don't hesitate to call 937-271-6558 to check our arrival time.  We can make adjustments if you have specific needs. Autozone, for example, requires constant plowing during blizzard conditions to keep their walk-in clients safe.   We can customize a safe, snow removal plan for your property.


  To set ourselves apart, we began offering the best service at the best prices.  There have definitely been problems along the way, but we found out quickly that our response to those issues helped our troubles turn into referrals.  Since our start in 1993, we continue to work with many of our original clients, their friends and families.  We want your business, and are willing to work hard to keep it.