Linden Barn Linden Barn Victorian, 30x40, two-storey barn Needed the storage space to replace the two poorly built outbuildings on the property. 117760779 Covered bridge Poorly built, eyesore was built with creosote-impregnated timber from an old covered bridge. Too bad the architecture didn't apply. This was torn down once the new barn was complete. Viewed from the South. 117761680 Covered bridge This is the lean-to side of the barn. Viewed from the East. 117761681 Covered Bridge The doors were sized for RV storage. Raccoons had made this their home for years. Viewed from the North. 117761684 Old Painted Barn Torn down to make room for the new barn. This little outbuilding was prettty rotten, but we managed to salvage hundreds of feet of good siding and roofing planks. Viewed from the South East. 117761682 Old Painted Barn Viewed from the West. 117761683 Old Painted Barn Viewd from the East. 117761685